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Let's Work To

Simplify Your Financial Life

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Because You Deserve To Focus on Your Passions in Life

As a team, we know how confusing finances can be and that planning for your future can become overwhelming. You’re seeking someone in your corner to help alleviate the stress associated with retirement and financial planning. That’s where Peabody Wealth Advisors comes in. 

Whether you are decades or days away from retirement, our team can help you chart a course that is directly aimed at achieving your goals. We tackle the most complex financial planning issues head-on and provide appropriate strategies that position you for long-term success. 

Services That We Offer Include:

Investment Management

One of the most important components of financial planning is managing your investments. We bring the expertise of the world’s leading money managers to our clients and provide an additional layer of due diligence.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Our team’s proficiency is based on a goals-based, comprehensive financial planning approach that allows you to take a look at your entire financial picture.

Insurance Advising for Individuals & Businesses

One of our core principles is that you cannot manage wealth without also managing risk.

Money and Martinis® 

Money and Martinis® workshops provide women with the education and knowledge required to make informed financial decisions based on the unique challenges women face in planning for their futures.

Social Security/Healthcare Planning Strategies

Using state-of-the-art software tools, we can look at your personal situation and provide guidance on customized Social Security claiming strategies.

Medicaid Planning

Without a strategy, your hard-earned assets can be quickly depleted in the event you or a loved one need to be admitted to a nursing home.

Education Savings Planning

At Peabody Wealth Advisors, we recognize that saving for college can be daunting. We can help you plot a course to better prepare you. 

Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

We have the knowledge and experience to help you choose a retirement plan best suited for your business. We can also analyze your existing plan to see if is still the most appropriate for you and your employees.

Workplace Financial Wellness Programs

We can help provide financial wellness services that help you with employee recruiting, loyalty and retention while taking items off their plate so that they can focus on improving their personal and professional lives.

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