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Is it Time to Re-Build or Refresh Your Firm's Online Brand?  Thumbnail

Is it Time to Re-Build or Refresh Your Firm's Online Brand?

Are you an attorney or service professional that is looking to build or refine your company's brand but not sure where to start?

Recently, Peabody Wealth Advisors Mike Murray spoke with Michele Correnti, founder and owner of Correnti Marketing to learn more about how her company helps attorneys and service professionals create a brand identity for today's modern marketing needs. 

Hello Michele, thank you for taking the time to chat with me! Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

My name is Michele Correnti and I run a branding and digital marketing agency, Correnti Marketing. We build + clarify brands for professional service firms who want to establish their expertise, attract their ideal clients, and increase their inbound referrals. I was creating, managing, and executing marketing strategies for lawyers in-house for a law firm when I realized my true passion went beyond marketing into helping others find and discover the “why” behind their brand. Whether it’s a colleague or an acquaintance, I feel an innate pull to learn what drives service professionals and business owners. I found that the best marketing strategies began with this “why” perspective and that most businesses miss this key step when developing and executing their marketing strategy. In 2018, I founded Correnti Marketing to serve lawyers and service professionals who are looking to dive into marketing but are not sure where to start. Our team starts by helping you discover your “why” to build + clarify your brand online.

What do you like most about your profession?

My favorite part of my profession is the connection I have with my clients. We have built up such a rapport with each other over the years and I am their biggest cheerleader. I love helping them to grow and achieve their goals. I am invested in their success both professionally and personally.

Correnti Marketing focuses on working with attorneys and service professionals. How did you get into this market and what differentiates your firm from your competitors?

We got into the legal and professional services market because of my background in the legal industry. I worked in-house for a mid-sized law firm for a number of years, managing the marketing plans for 30+ attorneys at any given time. In a way, I was operating a mini agency, with the attorneys as my clients. Each attorney had different practice area focuses, skill sets, and interests, and I was in charge of helping them create and execute their marketing plans to bring in more business. I learned a lot about professional services and the legal world. I speak legalese and know how to translate it in layman’s terms.

How are we different? At Correnti Marketing, we believe in the power of effective, quality branding. Our experienced team meets you where you are in the branding process. Whether you are looking to build your brand’s messaging, logo, website, and photography to increase awareness or recognition, or you need social media and email marketing to establish your brand’s association and loyalty–we create custom designs and marketing solutions to achieve our client’s specific goals.

Our clients choose us because we are not a cookie-cutter branding agency. We create brands that are modern and authentic to who you are and how you serve your ideal client. We work with you to build your brand, clarify its messaging, create consistency across online platforms, and showcase your differences to the world so you stand out from the competition. When you work with Correnti Marketing, you get a true partner for your business. We see the bigger picture and advise you beyond marketing to achieve your goals. Our team is responsive, reliable, and fun. We make the marketing process enjoyable and approachable while allowing you to focus on your business.

Tell us about your ideal client and some common characteristics about people you work with.

Our ideal clients are professional service firms run by the next generation of advisors and outsourced professionals—in many cases, business owners who refer to themselves as industry trailblazers. Most of our clients are law firms + individual attorneys who are breaking the mold. Our legal clients are bringing the law to the 21st century by founding modern, approachable, and sometimes completely digital law firms. We translate legal ease and help them stand out from their more traditional competition.

What would be your top tips for our audience about branding and digital marketing?

  • Understand your ideal client and their pain points.
  • Refine your brand messaging to attract your ideal client.
  • Start posting consistently online to build brand awareness and stay top of mind.

Can you share a memorable experience when you were able to change someone's life for the better?

It’s difficult for me to pinpoint one specific experience. Honestly, the monthly check-in calls I have with my clients almost always turn into a mini consulting and therapy session. I love having honest conversations with them and offering my advice, whether that be pivoting their marketing plan, discussing pricing strategies, introducing them to a potential client or referral partner, or reminding them to take care of themselves on a personal level.

One of my longtime clients remarked that the best part about working with me is the monthly check-in calls. He always walks away with some kind of clarity—pun intended! He actually inspired me to change our tagline to Build + Clarify Your Brand. 

Michele Correnti is the Owner and Founder of Correnti Marketing